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Re: ***SPAM*** [Xen-users] 2 Servers: Exact Copy

You can do this with xen, but also with machines that run directly on the iron. Check out documentation about "vrrp" and "keepalived". What would be handy is shared storage between clients. For that, look into "drbr active/active"

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On 02-09-10 17:22, Jangita wrote:
Hi People,

I want a scenario where I have two servers that appear as one server (one IP) to the outside world, with both servers having *exactly* the same data. So in case one server falls into a pond somehow, I woun't even loose a ping from my clints. I have been adviced that I can do this using XEN. I've used debian linux alot for my server backends, so I pretty much know my way around linux (not GUI though).

I understand XEN is virtualization software (ie host/guest) but I understand it can do much more (like the scenario I am asking for).

Any help from the experts? Anyone?


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