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Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: [Xen-users] Installing Ubuntu 10.04 on Xen and Centos 5.5


On 3 September 2010 11:50, Fajar A. Nugraha <fajar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 5:38 PM, David Markey <admin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> For those of you that are stuck on and old version of Xen and want to use
> Ubuntu 10.04, here is a self contained pygrub, out of Xen 4.01. (64bit
> centos dom0)
> cd /opt
> wget http://dmarkey.com/~dmarkey/pygrub64.tar.gz
> tar zxvf pygrub64.tar.gz
> then set your bootloader to /opt/pygrub64/bin/pygrub

Good one. I see that it also have ext4 support. Can you also post a
corresponding pv-grub, with the same capabilities (working Ubuntu
grub2 and ext4 support)


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