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Re: [Xen-users] Missing /usr/lib64/xen/bin/qemu-dm in xen-4.0.1-0.2.fc13.src.rpm


Thanks for the quick response. I am using the same kernel; it builds and works great but no X11 on the target box.

When I use simple copy and then virt-install --vnc I get an out of memory error (which I think is due to --vnc not being a good choice for FC13 on pvops, not a qemu-dm issue?) and when I try --nographics I get garbage and a hung process in the xterm. If I look at my serial terminal at the same time, I see a string of hypervisor error messages about HVM2: int13_harddisk: function 02, ELDL out of range 8f (and similar).

I think my best choice at this point is to try another box. Some of our own SuSE 11.1 based hypervisor code that runs well on most of our development platforms does not like this particular machine I am trying for my first 4.0.1 pvops reference system. I suspect this box has some issues with its local graphics processor.

I am giving up on this for the weekend. I will try a few more things next week and write if I learn anything interesting. Otherwise, I think its a bug caused by the specific hardware that I am trying to use. I don't think I am generating any more useful data here.



On Sep 3, 2010, at 3:00 PM, Boris Derzhavets wrote:

It works for me even on F14 ( on F13 as well) . Same Pasi's 4.0.1. src.rpm has used to setup Xen 4.0.1 on F14. Kernel has been built via JF's Git Repo.


What is the formal meaning of the one-line program
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