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Re: [Xen-users] Xen vmx flag question.

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 02:24:11PM -0700, Periko Support wrote:
>    Hi.
>    I have a new server and learning Xen. The server runs Centos 5.5 Xen
>    3.0.3.
>    The machine is a Supermicro 6026T-TF with the MoBo X8DTE/X8DT6 with the
>    Intel E5620 which Intel say that support Virtualization.
>    I have enable this feature in my BIOS and other settings about Technology
>    and I still cannot see the flag:
>    -Intel Virtualization Tech Enable.
>    -Intel VT-d Enable.
>    I don't see the flag vmx went I run cat /proc/cpuinfo
>    If Centos doesn't show this flag it means that Xen cannot run
>    Full-Virtuliation Guest OS?
>    Thanks all for your time.

That's because "/proc/cpuinfo" only shows Xen dom0 Linux info,
which is a *VM* !

Xen *hypervisor* (xen.gz) uses VMX, so dom0 doesn't see it.
See "xm info" and check the caps, you should see hvm listed there.

Also read "xm dmesg" to see the Xen hypervisor boot messages.. 
there you should VMX/HVM getting enabled in the hypervisor.

-- Pasi

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