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Re: [Xen-users] XPC: Where to start?

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  • From: Nicolas Vilz 'niv' <niv@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 13:09:47 +0200
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On 09/08/10 11:24, Buckminster Katt wrote:

I'm actually no stranger to virtualization, but XCP is just stumping me.

I've been logged in as root... tried xe... I've used the xsconsole...
I've used the XenAPI viewer... but nothing seems to get me what I
actually need.

I've read the documentation, and it tells me a great deal about Xen and
XCP, but not what I need to actually do to get a VM running and installable.

Can someone give me the basic shell commands I need to initialize a
sample VM to the point where I can VNC to it from another server and
install an OS. In this case, I happen to be install Vista. Otherwise,
could someone point me to a "Getting started guide" for the impatient?
I'm running 0.5.

Or have I completely missed the preferred method for controlling XCP? It
seems I can't run OpenXenManager, since it requires Ubuntu or Debian.

Thanks in advance.

from what i know, i can say, xcp is organized in templates, which are fed on xenstore. You actually use xe cli-tool to create your vms and modify them. The latest version of xcp has some templates in stock which cover the latest centos/redhat/debian/suse/windows systems. Some of them are for hvm, some of them are for paravirt.

According to your system, not all of them can be used on your hardware, if your hardware doesn't support hvm. XCP tells you that on installation.

I spent one weekend to figure that out because the documentation is ... lets say... very plain. xe made me mad, but i got used to it.

You will probably use xe help|grep or xe help|less to get the information, you want. Explore the existing templates. For netinstall templates (mostly all debian ones), you will have to get a decent internet connection. UMTS and netinstall is probably not, what you want.

Once you have a template running an installer, vnc is most likely spawned and listening on localhost, so you probably want to ssh tunnel to your local box and access it from there. For some templates you have to modify the template a bit to have networking and that stuff...

Good luck.


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