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[Xen-users] Windows Vista Home Basic guest (XCP, but not necessarily limited to XCP)

Note: I'd like to thank everyone who helped get me started in my last message.  Turned out I was able to get the OpenXenManager running on Slackware 13.1 64 bit with only a couple a few installed bits.

So, I need to install Windows and the only thing I have hanging around is Vista Home Basic.  Blah.  I realize this isn't exactly supported. 

So it runs, so far pretty reliably, but I'm having one strange problem and I'm not sure if its related to it being Home Basic... I can't seem to run the Xen-tools install.  It asks to reboot the system... does so, but on reboot, it seems to not actually do anything.

I looked through the Event Log for any sign of whats going wrong, but nothing is there.  I'm more of a Linux guy, so I need a little insight into what the xen-tools do upon bootup after installation.



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