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Re: [Xen-users] howto: alt-tab switch xen guest applications instead of host?

 On 16/09/10 14:18, Michael Cook wrote:

Does anyone know how to make alt-tab tab through open applications within a XEN Guest instead of the XEN Host?

I have Ubuntu or Windows XEN Guests running on a OpenSUSE XEN host.

I presume you're using VNC to communicate with the guest's console. If you're also using the common vncviewer then hit F8 and select "Alt" from the menu then hit tab as often as needed. When you're don't hit F8 again and unselect Alt.

If you're using a different vnc viewer then you'll need to do something similar. The gkt vnc widget is nice because it can be wrapped up in a python script and you can add menus or buttons or whatever to send difficult to type keystrokes easily.


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