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[Xen-users] XCP ethernet jumbo frames????


I have an XCP 0.5 box running a few DomUs some of the DomU's data is
stored at (clustered lvm volumes on) a Coraid etherdrive box which is
connected via an Ethernet cable to a dedicated card of the XCP box, for
which in the network config I' ve specified: MTU=9344: xe
network-param-list uuid=.... gives:
MTU ( RW): 9344
on the DomUs if I leave the MTU at 1500 (default settings) everything
works (slowly, but works). If I increase the MTU the aoe device appear
as expected, but the data on it becomes inaccessible, even just trying
to activate the lvm volume groups gives a bunch of IO errors at sector
0, and so on.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Are jumbo frames expected et all to



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