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Re: [Xen-users] dev/xen/evtchn disappears, HVM fails, xen 4.0.1-1 Debian Squeeze

2010/9/22 Erik Hjelmås <erik.hjelmas@xxxxxxxxx>
I had only attempted downgrading xen last week, yesterday I started downgrading DomO kernels from

and downgrading to 2.6.32-20 did not help, 2.6.32-19 did not help, but finally with 2.6.32-18 from july the problem disappeared.

The thing with pv_ops kernel is that it's under heavy development, so bugs may appear more often. Not to mention it sometimes requires matching xen and kernel combination (or to be more accurate, kernel x needs xen version y or newer)

I think this is very strange, but I have to keep the server running this way until Monday, then I will try to recreate the error and potentially file a bug report at Debian.

If you know what hg/git revision cause the problem and what version works, you could ask in xen-devel. Since it's Debian package though, you best bet is with Debian guys.

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