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[Xen-users] pygrub question


I've prepared a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server on a Xen 3.2-1 host running
Debian Lenny on kernel 2.6.26-2-xen-amd64. The Ubuntu 10.04 domU is
running a 2.6.32-24-server kernel from the Ubuntu repositories, which is
(must be :-) ) xen-aware. The domU uses pygrub to boot and it works like
a charm.

Now I'm trying to deploy this domU on a Xen 3.2-1 host running Debian
Etch on kernel 2.6.18-6-xen-amd64. When I xm create domU on this system,
I see the pygrub boot menu but then an error message comes up:

    Error: (2, 'Invalid kernel', 'xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\n')

When I use pygrub directly (ie. rather than xm create), I get this message:

# pygrub /dev/d/xm.dt2
linux (kernel /var/run/xend/boot/boot_kernel.jZIjuL)(ramdisk
/var/run/xend/boot/boot_ramdisk.pQPLZC)(args "root=/dev/xvda1 ro")

Any suggestions for how to further diagnose this?

kind regards,

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