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[Xen-users] XCP, XCCS virtual appliance, ver released

Greetings all:
I've just released ver of the Xen Cloud Control System virtual appliance. This is a bug fix release for several problems with the user add and user delete functions, as well as a couple of incorrectly set file permissions.

If you are currently running XCCS virtual appliance, do the following to upgrade:

1. Log in to the virtual appliance with ssh as root.<br />
2. Enter "wget http://www.xencloudcontrol.com/PACKAGES/upgrade-";<br />
3. Enter "sh ./upgrade-"

If you aren't yet running the XCCS virtual appliance, the new version will be on http://www.xencloudcontrol.com in about an hour.

Vern Burke

SwiftWater Telecom
Xen Cloud Control System

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