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[Xen-users] using DRBD VBDs with Xen


Not totally new to Xen but still very green and meeting some problems.
Feel free to kick me to the DRBD people if this is not relevent here.
I'll be providing more info upon request but for now I'll be brief.

Debian/Squeeze running 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 (2.6.32-21) 
Xen hypervisor 4.0.1~rc6-1 and drbd-8.3.8.

One domU configured, with disk and swap image:

root  = '/dev/xvda2 ro'
disk  = [ 'file:/xen_cluster/r1/disk.img,xvda2,w',

/xen_cluster/r{1,2} are OCFS2 filesystems on top of 2 drbd resources,
r1 and r2, shared between 2 servers. drbd backing devices are LVs on
top of a md raid1 mirror. I can create and do DomU live migration
between 2 hosts so far. good.

I want this to be ultimately running under pacemaker/corosync/openais.
So following the drbd users guide I modified this to:

root  = '/dev/xvda2 ro'
disk  = [ 'drbd:r1,xvda2,w',

Trying to create the DomU leads to:

xm create -c xennode-1.cfg
Using config file "/xen_cluster/r1/xennode-1.cfg".
Error: Device 51714 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.

Not quite sure what to do now.

Thanks for the inputs.

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