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RE: [Xen-users] LVM and resize2fs

Jonathan Tripathy wrote:

Ah right, so this issues only really occurs when downsizing a disk then? When upsizing (as mentioned in my first post), there isn't an issue, as resize2fs would have thrown an erro, correct?

Looks like it.

Also, on a slightly off-top note, I made a mistake: I dd'ed an image file over to a non-exsistent LV. However, dd created a new file in /dev/vg0 !! Is this really bad? Could I have currupted some of the LVs? Or is it safe to just remove the new file using rm?

I wouldn't have thought LVM would get too upset - it keeps it's own details on disk. But I would expect your new file to disappear when you reboot since AFAIK /dev is dynamically built.

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