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RE: [Xen-users] Can I create domU on ZFS?

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There are some ports of ZFS for Linux that are works in progress.  They are not yet ready for production usage.


I realize some people have set up ZFS and a domU on the same Solaris server.  That can easily be done, but it is generally not a good idea.  Xen needs a lot of memory, and ZFS needs a lot of memory.  If you run both on the same box, you will most likely be memory starved.  Expect to use a minimum of at least 4GB of RAM for ZFS (preferably 12-48GB or more).


A better solution is to build a dedicated ZFS server (using OpenSolaris or OpenIndiana) and share the ZFS volume through a NFS share, and then have the Xen server (using Linux) use the NFS share as a storage repository.  That way you can max out the memory in both the Xen server and in the ZFS server.  It is also handy if you have multiple Xen servers and you want to live migrate a domU between those Xen servers.


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Thanks for you reply.

I have found some people install zfs on Solaris, and create domU based on zfs successfully. However, I have only some computer on linux, so I want to do that on linux.


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ZFS tends to need a lot of resources.  For ZFS to really perform well, you need to dedicate a lot of RAM to it.  I am a huge fan of using ZFS in SAN or NAS solutions, but not directly on a virtualization node. 


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Subject: [Xen-users] Can I create domU on ZFS?


Hi all,

    I have some computers run on linux, and I will install ZFS for them. Now I want to make a image or lv based on ZFS, then create domUs run on them. 


   Who can tell me if I am right.


Best Wishes


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