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Re: [Xen-users] any opinions on debian vs. opensuse for Xen?

Avoid any debian OS as a Dom0 like the plague. In my experience, it has lead to nothing but problems (lockups and panics).

I personally use CentOS. I've also heard good things about OpenSuse and Xen...

On 17/10/10 00:37, George Shuklin wrote:
In my tests opensuse works with Xen so perfectly so I become afraid it.

It works even more better, than RHEL, which one have few minor glitches
in memory usage under xen.

Ð ÐÐÑ, 16/10/2010 Ð 14:27 -0400, Miles Fidelman ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Hi Folks,

I've been getting just a little fed up with the state of Xen on Debian
Lenny - there are a couple of known bugs that lead to periodic kernel
panics - but fixes haven't made it into the Lenny distribution.  I'm
sort of waiting to see how things shake out with Debian Squeeze, when it
becomes stable, but...

I've been noticing that Suse (both the enterprise and OpenSuse versions)
seem to stress support for Xen, as well as for BTRFS (which I've been
keeping my eyes on).

So... I'm wondering if anybody has any opinions, based on direct,
hands-on experience on Debian vs. OpenSuse as a base for a configuration
consisting of 2 production machines configured for high-availability
failover of Xen VMs, using DRBD and Pacemaker?

Thanks much,

Miles Fidelman

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