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Re: [Xen-users] any opinions on debian vs. opensuse for Xen?

Il 16/10/2010 20:27, Miles Fidelman ha scritto:
> Hi Folks,
> I've been getting just a little fed up with the state of Xen on Debian
> Lenny - there are a couple of known bugs that lead to periodic kernel
> panics - but fixes haven't made it into the Lenny distribution.  I'm
> sort of waiting to see how things shake out with Debian Squeeze, when it
> becomes stable, but...
> I've been noticing that Suse (both the enterprise and OpenSuse versions)
> seem to stress support for Xen, as well as for BTRFS (which I've been
> keeping my eyes on).
> So... I'm wondering if anybody has any opinions, based on direct,
> hands-on experience on Debian vs. OpenSuse as a base for a configuration
> consisting of 2 production machines configured for high-availability
> failover of Xen VMs, using DRBD and Pacemaker?

IMHO suse (in particular SLES) is ready for production.
I'm actually testing it on some supermicro servers based on mobo
H8DGU-LN4F+ and 2x AMD 6168 and it works very well.

When you look to something like a virtualization server you have to
consider many aspects:
- how do you managed storage for the VMs
- what kind network between nodes
- hypervisor features
and so on.

Actually SUSE sles or opensuse have a recent kernel with stable patches,
a working cluster suite (openais, corosync, heartbeat, pacemaker), a
clusterized volume managed CLVM, two clusterized filesystems OCFS2 and GFS.

...and of course suse have a good infiniband stack and it's supported by
many "complementary" products ...for example convirture.

I'm investigating the possibility to port some of the above to a
different distro (in particular gentoo) because I want to creare a
micro-image served via PXE for my nodes ...but actually I'm in an early
stage ...so I don't know when something usable will be available.

Christian Zoffoli (XMerlin)

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change
something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
-- R. Buckminster Fuller

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