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[Xen-users] Anyone had issues with Areca hardware raid and xen?

Hi All,

Now I don't think this is Xen, but I thought I would check in to see if
anyone else has seen any similar issues. 2 servers of mine have had
offline RAID issues in the past few weeks, both running Areca 1200
series raid cards. 1 server is running Debian Lenny with Xen 3.2.1, the
other with Debian Squeeze and Xen 4.0.1. A simple reboot brings the
array back online, and everything operates correctly again. I also have
a number of other servers that haven't had this issue which makes me
clearly point the finger at the raid cards.

Has anyone else experienced issues with Areca cards and their Xen
servers? Does anyone know if there is any possibility at all that
something Xen is doing could cause issues with a raid card?

Best Regards,

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