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[Xen-users] The problem about Windows live migration

Hi all,

We met a problem on Windows live migration handing. We use Xen 3.3’s full virtualization mode to create and migrate the Windows VMs based on QEMU. The error information is as follows:

1) log said the migration was successful. However, that migrated VM on the destination hanged wherein CPU utilization kept about 48%.

2) Using XenTrace, found that the loop consisting of three events as follows:

Event 1: VMEXIT by io instruction;

Event2: VMEXIT by acpi accesses;

Event3: VMEXIT by virtual interrupt.

We guess that acpi support in Xen qemu-dm was not compatible with Windows in the migration process. 

Would you have any suggestions? 

We also took a look at the below discussions as follows:

Many thanks!
Li xudong

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