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Re: [Xen-users] XCP, NFS for storage and bonded NICs

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Steve Thompson wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Nov 2010, Craig Miskell wrote:
>> So I guess I don't *want* to balance a single flow across multiple
>> links.  So if
>> I want to balance NFS traffic across links I need more than one
>> distinct TCP
>> connection to the NFS server, which I'd guess needs at least two distinct
>> mounted shares.
> You could use balance-rr mode perhaps? I'm using this on a
> point-to-point drbd replication link between two systems with MTU=9000
> and have seen throughput regularly around 165 MB/sec with peaks of up to
> 185 MB/sec.

Ahhh, thanks, that's very helpful.  It pointed me in the right direction to
search, and has clarified things for me immensely.  If I've got a switch
involved, then it's going to have to do part of the job as well; balance-rr
through a switch (not point-to-point) will handle outbound, but not inbound.

balance-alb will do both, at the cost of being (to my mind) a little ugly in
implementation (while I have little doubt it works, switching MAC-addresses
around seems kinda hacky to me, and just asking for a picky switch to do
something strange).

So, I still have lots to think about.  Thanks for the input.

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