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Re: [Xen-users] XCP, NFS for storage and bonded NICs

On Monday 01 November 2010 23:14:22 Steve Thompson wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, Bart Coninckx wrote:
> > This is what I do as well, except by either not using a switch (direct
> > links like for DRBD) or by using two seperate ones. If I understand
> > correctly, balance-rr spoofs MAC addresses which will confuse the
> > connected switch. Anyway, it goes nice speed results. I do have to tweak
> > tcp_reordering though in my SLES machines. If I don't, I hardly get more
> > speed than a single link.
> Interesting. My balance-rr setup for DRBD uses two dedicated GbE links
> between two Intel cards on each of two Dell PE2900 servers, straight
> through with no switches, and using MTU=9000. I have had no problems with
> packet reordering at all (all tcp parameters are stock). I _do_ see some
> out of order packets, of course, but the counts are very small. An iperf
> test between the two systems gives 1.97 Gb/sec. I'm using CentOS 5.5
> x86_64.
> In different applications, I use balance-rr with two links to a single
> Dell 48-port switch. No problems with that either, although it is less
> traffic.
> Steve

That's odd, than the switch in some way must understand the mode 0 bonding ...

Silly question maybe: but where do you see the out of order packet count?



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