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[Xen-users] high availability iscsi and xen setup

Hi All,

I'm thinking about the best way to set this up, and would greatly
appreciate your learned opinions on it. I'm thinking of the following:

- 2 Storage servers, running LVM, heartbeat, drbd (primary/standy) and iscsi.
  This will protect against 1 storage server failing.
- 2 Xen hosts, running heartbeat to ensure the domU's are available. If
  not, migrate all hosts on to other xen host. This will protect against
  1 xen host failure.

Any opinions on this arrangement of setup or links to resources
discussing it would be much appreciated. Also any alternative ways to
provide the same HA would be useful for comparison.

- Any Pitfalls? 

- Gaps in the availability? (split-brain possibilities?)

- How would you add in additional xen hosts? would they always need to be
paired in this arrangement (1 fails over to the other..)

- Is a clustered filesystem required?

Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions on this.


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