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[Xen-users] Virtual I/F

I'm using Xen over CentOs 5.5 (32bit), and I create a VM that is connected to
the network using a bridge.

Based on Xen networking documentation, I have expected that the new VM will
create a virtual I/F called vifX.0 that will be connected to bridge xenbr0.
While this I/F was created another virtual I/F called tap0 was created and it is
also connected to the bridge.
Moreover, all the traffic between the VM and the network pass through tap0 while
vifX.0 is not used (I can remove it from the bridge and even delete it without
any network interference).
I think that vifX.0 is created by vif-bridge script while tap0 is created using
Why there are to virtual I/F?


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