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[Xen-API] problem with snapshot unallocation

Hi all,


i use XCP 0.5 with a NFS storage repository and normally i do daily snapshots from all VMs i have,  as follow:


1) create snapshot
2) export snapshot to file
3) delete snapshot



One day I get the VM  error "Snapshot chain is too long". I notice however that this appears to only VM's with more than 1 attached virtual disk. In my case I have a couple VM's with 2 disks, and there were many orphaned copies of only 1 of the 2 disks. >From OpenXenManager  is not possible to delete these snapshots..


I read a problem like this on Xencenter forum



and the solution is



Does someone know how to fix this bug on XCP 0.5 ?




Simone Cariani



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