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Re: [Xen-users] Getting started

On 11/17/2010 10:51 AM, John McDermott (U.S. Navy Employee) wrote:
> John,
> Looks like you are ready to run virt-manager and try to install a
> guest. Also, you might try playing around with virsh? I can't remember
> if OpenSuSE has virsh.
Thanks much for the help.  I've been down this road several times, but
never with help.  I appreciate your attention.  Since I don't get the
initial xend status, I thought I wasn't succeeding because something was
wrong in xend startup or configuration.  Here's what I get now, just as

tana:~ # virt-manager
(trying to virtualize a fully functional WIndows xp installation on its
own partition, using hvm)
Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected.  Could not find bridge,
and none was specified

Then it gives what appear to be instructions for starting "a xend
managed domain".  I try that, using the name given in virt-manager:

tana:~ # xm start windowsxpx64
Error: Domain 'windowsxpx64' does not exist.
tana:~ #

The files windowsxpx64 and windowsxpx64.xml do exist in /etc/xen/vm/. 
As I recall, I tried copying them up to /etc/xen/ once, and it made no

I do not recall having heard of virsh before, so I tried it.  "help"
gives dozens of commands, so it appears I'll have a big project just
learning it, if I have to use it.  Is it substantially different or more
capable than virt-manager?

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