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Re: [Xen-users] HVM Networking Issues

2011/1/3 Zoran PopoviÄ <shoom013@xxxxxxxxx>:
> bridge=eth0 is wrong - it should be something like virbr0 or whatever your
> bridge is (I use Fedora, but the idea with Xen networking is more or less
> same) - eth0 is physical device, can't do it like that.

Actually, it might be correct, as some versions of xen use "eth0" as
bridge name.
You got a point though, better run "brctl show" to determine the
correct bridge name. Another thing the OP might do is make sure the
MAC is unique, not used on some other machine on the same network.


> ZP.
> 2011/1/2 Jake Stride <jake@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> ...vif = [
>> 'type=ioemu,bridge=eth0,ip=78.xxx.xxx.xxx,mac=22:61:34:00:00:01' ]

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