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Re: [Xen-users] Hotplug scripts not working?

On Thu, Jan 06, 2011 at 12:21:09PM -0800, chrisbenninger wrote:
>    I recently updated my test machine running a custom kernel from
>    Xen 3.4 to Xen 4.0 on Debian squeeze.

You should update your dom0 kernel.

2.6.31.x tree is unsupported and not maintained anymore.
It has many known bugs.

You should update to xen/stable-2.6.32.x git branch.
See: http://wiki.xen.org/xenwiki/XenParavirtOps

>    At this point I can boot a domU, but only when I have no 'vif' defined in
>    it's config file. When I try and use any form of networking, NAT or bridge
>    I get a kernel Oops:
>      (cdrom_add_media_watch() file=drivers/xen/blkback/cdrom.c, line=108)
>      nodename:backend/vbd/1/2049
>      (cdrom_is_type() file=drivers/xen/blkback/cdrom.c, line=95) type:0
>      blkback: ring-ref 8, event-channel 10, protocol 1 (x86_64-abi)
>      BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at
>      0000000000000008

The driver crashed.

>      IP: [<ffffffff812509b4>] netback_uevent+0x34/0xba
>      PGD 0
>      Oops: 0000 [#1] SMP
>      last sysfs file: /sys/devices/xen-backend/vif-2-0/uevent
>      CPU 0
>    And after that, I get:
>      Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not
>      working.
>    Any help would be fantastic!

hotplug scripts won't work because the netback driver crashed.
Update the dom0 kernel.

-- Pasi

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