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[Xen-users] [XCP] how to upgrade xcp-0.5 pool to xcp-1.0beta1


XCP-1.0beta1 isn't able to upgrade XCP-0.5
I've done two fresh installations, and restored the pool-db (xe pool-restore-
database) on the new slave. After that I've added the new slave to the pool.

I have all networks and vlans back, on both hosts, master networks are 
connected,  all master local SR, slave local SR are broken, and iSCSI SR are 

I've a third set of vlans, with PIFs not in database, and I can't destroy 

Is there a better way to update XCP?
Is there a way to import a modified pool database without loosing all slaves 
(slave hosts are assumed dead and they will be forgotten)?

And what happens if i like to update from XCP-1.0beta to XCP-1.0 final if it 
is out?
What happens if I like to add more servers to the pool and something goes 
wrong? How to recover that?
E.g. if I add a server to the 0.5 pool i have to create all networks on the 
slave before adding the slave, if i do that with 1.0 all slave networks are 
appended to the list of networks. I have to remove all networks except the 
control network to avoid appending of networks.


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