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[Xen-users] How can I get pvops kernel 2.6.32 with PVUSB

I am trying to run run mythtv in a pvops domain using slackware as both dom0 and domU.

I've been able to get pci passthru working using a snapshot from Jermey's git repository.

I have two USB tuners that I'd like to use in the myth domU.

I tried 2.6.18, but it does not support udev which I am pretty sure is required to load the firmware on the tuners.

I've downloaded serveral versions of the patches for PVUSB but I'm not sure
what I need to do to apply them to a kernel tree.

Is the source for a XENified 2.6.32 kernel with USB passthru support available in one piece or can someone guide
on how to apply the patches to what kernel tree.

Thanks, Jack

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