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Re: [Xen-users] commercial software license with XEN "xm" command?

Cao, Buddy wrote:

I plan to develop a commercial (proprietary) software that would have a system call to XEN "xm" command. Since XEN and Samba license are GPL, I' like to make sure if I can release my commercial software with a commercial license instead of GPL? and what particular things I should do when I release the commercial software.

This is a common misconception. The GPL does NOT prevent you writing your own software that *uses* the GPL package and licensing it in any way you wish. Ie, the fact that your software calls "xm" does *NOT* mean you have to GPL your own software. It is no different to running a commercial package on a Linux system. The fact that Linux (and the various tools etc) are GPL does not mean your software has to be.

Where you do have to be careful is if you make some GPL software an integral part of your package - eg by including some GPL source in your project. This would make your code a derived work which would also have to be GPL.


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