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[Xen-users] Re: xen-4.0-testing.hg - Debian vs Redhat layout patch options

On Sat, 22 Jan 2011, user virtual wrote:
> Hi Guys !
> I am forwarding my latest experiences for building xen-4.0.x releases on 
> debian based systems (ubuntu 10.04).
> I find the following patches missing in xen-4.0-testing.hg :
> - backport-StdGNU.mk.diff (from xen.unstable)
> - backport-blktap2-libs.diff (from xen.unstable)
> - debian-sysconfig-default.diff (my personal, dirty, but non-intrusive 
> solution for non-debian systems)
> Issues for Debian package maintainer:
> - After you apply backport-StdGNU.mk.diff debian/rules must include line
> export LIBLEAFDIR_x86_64 = lib
> - Python modules get correctly packaged in debian/rules by using command 
> dh_pysupport
> - In order for debian package builder command 'dpkg-buildpackage' to succeed 
> the "env -u LDFLAGS" must be used in
> debian/rules makefile on two commands:
> env -u LDFLAGS make install-xen
> env -u LDFLAGS make install-stubdom
> An issue for anybody trying to build-install without debian packages by 'make 
> dist; make dist-install'. Python modules get
> installed to the wrong path by default. This can be resolved by either:
> - (my personal, dirty, but nonintrusive solution) applying patch 
> debian-python-2.6.diff after previously applied the above
> debian-sysconfig-default.diff
> - (xen developers suggestion, not running personally) run make as 
> 'PYTHON_PREFIX_ARG="" make dist'. Builds ok and installs
> python modules under /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages.
> I suggest applying the above three patches to the xen-4.0-testing.hg. At 
> least the first two should pose no problem as
> they backport working solutions from the coming xen version. I am not missing 
> debian-python-2.6.diff personally, as I
> always build packages, but there might be other opinions out there.

I think we could apply the two backports to xen-4.0-testing.hg.
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