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[Xen-users] Internal network issue on FP1 with openvswitch

Hi Everyone:
I encounter an issue that can't not start vm with an internal network(that means no PIF) in pool when openvswitch enabled.
   here are my scripts:

   two host A, B in a pool.
   1. create network "test" on host A by:
       xe network-create network-create name-label=test
2. start a VM on host A associates with network "test" by xencenter. the VM starts successfully and I can see bridge "xapi21" created on host A. 3. start more VMs to make sure host A has not enough memory to start new VM. 4. start a VM on host B associates with network "test", then I meet the failure "This VM needs a network that cannot be seen from that server". see attachment.
       and no ovs bridge was created on host B.

use XenApi will meet exception "VM_REQUIRES_NETWORK". anybody know the problem? thank you.

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