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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi vs nfs for xen VMs


> Il 26/01/2011 17:07, yue ha scritto:
> > yes, there has no a good silution.
> > 1.san+gfs2(ocfs2)
> > 2.san+clvm
> > 3san+clvm+gfs2(ocfs2)
> > 4san+normal filesystem, ext3.....
> > which has the better performance?
> 4 if your SAN exports as many luns as your VM disks
> 2 is better IMHO ...more flexible, not so high overhead
100% ACK. The best thing about this: There is no overhead in using CLVM:
The cluster locking is only required when modifying LVs. For the rest of
the time performance is (most probably) slightly better than when using
LUNs directly because LVM will take care of readahead dynamically.

-- Adi 

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