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Re: [Xen-users] Backup running Windows machines - redundancy

Hi Paul,
currently I'm trying to backup Windows machines using rdiff-backup for incremental backups.
I mount the Windows fs in dom0 and then rdiff-backup performs the incremental backup.
To restore a backup, just mount the Windows fs, rm all files in the mount point, and use rdiff-backup to restore an old backup to the mounted Windows fs.


2011/2/2 Paul PISCUC <paul.piscuc@xxxxxxxxxx>

I know that there are a lot of tools to successfully backup windows guest machine, using samba shares, dd, rsync etc. They all work, but they don't solve one problem: redundancy.

In my current setup, backups are done using LVM snapshots, and rsync over the network. The problem is that the rsync is not incremental, and every time a new copy of the entire lv is sent to the backup server. I could mount on the Dom0 the disk of the windows guest, and send the files, but the restore process doesn't work.

Do you know/use other method to do incremental backups for Windows machines, that is more reliable or safer than this one?

Thanks alot.

Paul Piscuc

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