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Re: [Xen-users] Swap: create or not?

Mauro wrote:

That's what I was thinking when ask if create a swap or not.
If my system needs swap then it means that I need more ram.
So it's better to give more ram to my DomU rather than swap.

Indeed. It doesn't really matter to the system whether it has 1G RAM + 1G Swap, or 2G RAM - both give it 2G of memory to play in.

Ideally you want to give it real memory - as that's much faster. But as Fajar points out, there tends to be stuff that is very seldom used and it's no big deal to let it swap out and stay swapped out - and it's generally cheaper to add disk space than memory.

It's a matter of balance. Your machine needs whatever memory it needs - so you have to give it at least that. It also has a minimum amount that must be real memory rather than swap if performance isn't to be severely affected. Once you've met those two minima, then the rest is a matter of balancing cost and performance. Speed is a matter of money - how fast can you afford !

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