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Re: [Xen-users] Sharing file/folder

lucianobarreto@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I need to share some files between VMs. This files will be used to transfer some information (read/write). But I need do it without any network resource (NFS or others). I've tried to do it sharing a partition just for test proposes, but i see that when i create a file on one VM another can't see it and there isnt any concurrence in this approach.
Anyone can help me??

Do it via networking. Think of each virtual machine guest as though it was running on a separate bare metal computer and that's about what you get with Xen in terms of inter-system communications.

It might be possible to do it by sharing a virtual disk, but you will NEED to run a cluster file system on it with appropriate software on each machine that accesses it. Without a cluster filesystem, then you are absolutely guaranteed to get terminal filesystem corruption. This would in effect be very similar to running a cluster FS on a network volume.

For networking there are many options depending on your needs. Clearly you could set up a share via NFS (or any other file sharing service you like), via tools like RCP or SCP, via something like rsync (which works very well as a service), or several other options.

Simon Hobson

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