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Re: [Xen-users] Squeeze and Xen 4 - booting error when loading xen-hypervisor-4.0-amd64

El 15/02/11 19:45, Paul Wozney escribió:
> Hello xen-users,
> I'm a long-time Linux-er and lately I've been sticking to Ubuntu - but when
> it came time to build a Xen system I figured what better way than to use
> debian and since squeeze was just released with support for Xen 4.
> Except I'm having some problems. I followed the instructions here:
> http://wiki.debian.org/Xen#Installationonsqueeze
> I can boot the regular plain-jane kernel without a problem, but when I boot
> the Xen-4 hypervisor kernel I get a crash, and unless I include the line
> 'noreboot' it immediately reloads the system.  It looks like the repos are
> giving me hypervisor 4.0.1.
> I have attached a screenshot (taken with my camera) of the crashed system,
> in the hopes that someone will know what this means. This happens quiet
> early in the boot process, so I'm not able to switch windows to access the
> system otherwise. I did some searching for the last error
> message child_rip but I can't seem to find anything quite like what I'm
> seeing here.
> I saw a thread on the xen-devel list for 4.1.1 with this exact problem, and
> for them with that particular bug they were able to fix it with this kernel
> parameter: /boot/xen.gz  dom0_mem=1024M. But this didn't work for me - I
> just got the same error.
> Thanks,
> Paul

Hello Paul.

Not sure but seems to me that you're hitting a balooning issue.

can you try and set: dom0_mem=max:1024M as an HV parameter on boot?

I have a couple of Xen amd64 Squeeze boxes (fully updated) that don't
present this crash, they're running ganeti and drbd instances without flaws.

My boot parameters are similar, thought, i've configured them to use a
512m fixed amount of ram and only 1 cpu on dom0 (appending nosmp to the

Kind regards.

Julio C. Ortega

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