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[Xen-users] Error: Domain is not halted. Help ASAP appreciated.

Can anyone help me with this error? I have a server that was down for
some reason. It came back up but I cannot restart the domU. When I try
an xm start it says it's already running. 

If I try to delete it, I get the following error:
Error: Domain is not halted.
Usage: xm delete <DomainName>

Remove a domain from Xend domain management.

If I look at virt-manager this domain is not even listed.

If I do xenstore-ls I don't see the domain listed either. 

If I ps -ewf | grep xend I do not find any processes for this domain. 

xm list shows the domain with no ID associated to it. 

I've tried restarting the server without success. Any idea how to get
out of this?


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