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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.0.1 HVM 2008R2 Citrix PV Drivers

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 05:26:46PM -0600, Roy T. Collins wrote:
>    I have been google for a few days now trying to get the Citrix PV Drivers
>    to work on a server 2008 R2 HVM guest.  I get the machine up and running
>    then I install the cirtix PV drivers.  I have tried both making and not
>    making the registry change.  Once I reboot the server I get stuck at the
>    boot screen.
>    The xen log says:
>    XENUTIL: WARNING: CloseFrontend: timed out in
>    XenbusWaitForBackendStateChange: /local/domain/0/backend/console/58/0 in
>    state INITIALISING; retry.
>    If I enable VNC then it says the same thing but its waiting for vfb.
>    I see a post about this specific problem from a few months ago but there
>    doesn't seem to be any resolution.
>    What is the current status of Citrix PV drivers on server 2008R2?  Anyone
>    have any leads on what to try next? Anyone have it working?
>    Thanks

Citrix PV drivers obviously do run on XenServer and on XCP.

If you want to run them on plain Xen.org hypervisor,
you might need to set up some xenstore entries manually, 
ie. citrix pv drivers might assume some entries be present 
in xenstore that are not used by the traditional xen pv guests.

I think there has been some additions to those entries.

-- Pasi

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