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Re: [Xen-users] Handling xvd device naming

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 7:49 PM, Caleb Tennis <caleb.tennis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We've been running fedora 13 within EC2 now for a while and have started 
> running into kernel OOPses with a certain combination of our tools, and it 
> looks to be a result of needing a more recently patched kernel to fix a Xen 
> bug or two.  Ok, no problem.
> I've upgraded our kernel to the latest xen (have also tried 
> from jeremy's sources.  This works great, however, all of my xvd* 
> devices have shifted.
> That is, what used to be /dev/xvda in the domU is now /dev/xvde in the domU. 
>  The vdb numbers are the same, but for some reason everything has shifted 64 
> minor numbers (202,1 -> 202,65, for example).
> I don't know if this is Xen, or something local to the machine, like udev, 
> but I'm asking here if anyone knows a nice or easy way to solve this?

Do you have access to Amazon's domU config file by any chance? Just
guessing, the config file might be using hda.

I had a similar problem using Oracle's kernel-uek on RHEL5 PV domU.
Turns out in my case the problem only happens when my domU config file
uses hda. When I change domU config file to use xvda it works just
fine. As a workaround, you can change fstab and grub.conf to use LABEL
or UUID so it wouldn't matter what device name they actually appear

BTW, (202,1) is xvda1, not xvda.


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