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Re: [Xen-users] XCP - migration from xend


first of all, thanks for answering.

The Filesystem in domU is ext3, there's no grub in the domU, coz it's paravirtualized.

The Layout - it's just one partition in one LV + one Swap.

And i copied the kernel images which were referred in the domU Config into the image into /boot...

Grub isn't installed at all in the domU - it was debootstrapped with xen-tools on a xend dom0.


Am 28.02.2011 18:36, schrieb David Markey:
1. What filesystem is in DomU?
2. What version of grub?
3. What is the filesystem layout

On 28 February 2011 16:10, Bastian Mäuser <mephisto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello there,

I have some issues regarding xend domU migration to XCP VM.

I try to migrate my old xend domU's to my xen Could using the xva.py
script. All seems to work quite ok, the migration process doesn't throw
any errors, i get a .xva file with a proper Size.

When importing that file, immidiately the VG and LV is created, and VM
properties are assigned correctly. But when I try to start the VM I get
the following Error:

[root@xen2 ~]# xe vm-start vm=stream1
Error code: WARNING: /dev/xvda is not a disk image
Error parameters: Traceback (most recent call last):,   File
"/usr/bin/pygrub", line 746, in ?,     raise RuntimeError, "Unable to
find partition containing kernel", RuntimeError: Unable to find
partition containing kernel,

The old domU's are LVM Based, xen-4.0, pv_ops(), i think it's not
bootable in Terms of an MBR in the LV.

Any Idea what's wrong there?

so long,

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