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Re: [Xen-users] Command "make prep-kernels" not cloning Linux - xen-4.1.0 sources.

On Apr 6, 2011, at 12:47 PM, Martinx - ããããã wrote:

administrativo@xen01:~/xen-4.0.1$ make prep-kernels
for i in  linux-2.6-pvops  ; do make $i-prep || exit 1; done
administrativo@xen01:~/xen-4.1.0$ make prep-kernels
for i in  ; do make $i-prep || exit 1; done

NOT OKAY... Right?!

Did you notice the "for" loop is not iterating through anything in the second case? First you have:

 "for i in linux-2.6-pvops; do..." -- so it cycles through the "for" loop only once, assigning "linux-2.6-pvops" to the variable "i".

In the second case, however:

"for i in  ; do..." -- there's no elements on the list, so the loop is never executed.

I have not used Xen 4 yet, but you're probably not passing a parameter somewhere with the name of the Linux kernel you want to use.

AbraÃos e boa sorte ;)
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