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[Xen-users] Help with 4.1.0 and tboot

I have a Debian Xen 4.0 installed from the packages and have Dom0 and 2 DomU's running. We're looking to do some checks with Intel's TXT and need to build Xen to support(?) the tboot package (i.e. make build-tboot).

I can compile both sets of source code and can even get the system to boot, but I'm not sure I'm running a Dom0 as xencommons won't start and vicariously xend doesn't start.

My 40_custom grub looks something like:
multiboot       /boot/tboot
module          /boot/xen
module          /boot/vmlinuz
module          /boot/initrd.img
module          /boot/SINIT.BIN (TXT blob)

Is there any documentation on getting this to work? The docs in the 4.1.0 source are still for v3.0.

Dave Higgins
Secure64 Software Corporation
Englewood, Colorado

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