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Re: [Xen-users] More Windows network performace issues.

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:58:27AM -0500, John McMonagle wrote:
> Made considerable progress with networking problems.
> New anti-virus and new gplpv driver helped a lot.
> I'm still having poor speed to the external network.
> Dom0 is debian squeeze using the debian dom0 kernel. Xen is 4.0.1 from source.
> Tested domu windows in server 2008 with new gplpv drivers.
> Reference debian pv domu is debian squeeze.
> All are 64 bit.
> External site is a xen dom0 as it's the fastest available.
> All tests with iperf in Mbits/sec
> Did each a few times and they were pretty consistent.
> I put down the highest number.
> domu server 2008 > dom0   618
> domu server 2008 > external 280
> domu server 2008 > domu squeeze  533
> domu squeeze > dom0   4000
> domu squeeze > external  923
> dom0 > external   933
> The one that concerns me is:
> domu server 2008 > external 280
> Need to access external file shares and that is quite a hit.
> Why does a hvm domain take an additional hit in the bridging to the external 
> interface?
> Any ideas?

How many vcpus does windows have?

Did you monitor resource usage using "xm top" and "top" from dom0
while running the benchmark? How's the CPU usage? 

What exact version of gplpv drivers are you using? 
Did you try Linux HVM guest with PV-on-HVM drivers? 

-- Pasi

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