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[Xen-users] Errors attaching VBDs to dom0 VM


I've been touring XCP and making my way around it for the last few
days, and am having problems with some reasonably straightforward
actions.  I've poured a several hours into different ways of resolving
the issue, but am coming up short.

Here's the main issue.  The following command (plugging in a VBD to
the dom0 VM), when, run, hangs for several minutes, and then produces
the following output:

$ xe vbd-plug uuid=66b1f602-fe0b-f4f7-ba41-47c7f7e01dea
A timeout happened while attempting to attach a device to a VM.
type: VBD
ref: 66b1f602-fe0b-f4f7-ba41-47c7f7e01dea

The VBD in question is for a VDI that exists on a Local disk SR of
type 'ext' (i.e. mounted ext3 disk).  The SR is attached and mounted,
and everything seems OK there.

After the command, there's a 'xvdb' device that shows up in dom0,
which seems to indicate that the attach was successful (at least at
the low level, even if not within xapi):

[root@localhost ~]# ls -l /dev/xvdb
brw-r----- 1 root disk 202, 16 Apr 15 13:45 /dev/xvdb

And tap-ctl lists the attached data disk:
[root@localhost ~]# tap-ctl list
    4010    0    0        vhd

I was able to make an ext3 FS on xvdb and then mount it, and confirm
that the tapdisk2 process associated with the device was working
properly.  That said, the listing according to "xe" shows that the VBD
is not "currently-attached".

I'm somewhat perplexed now as to what the issue might be.  I've
included the dumps for all the relevant objects at the end of the mail
(last bits of the SMlog, short listing of VM object, long listing of
VBD, VDI, SR, and PBD objects, the output of "tap-ctl list", and the
mounts in dom0)

Thanks for any help.


Relevant info:

The SMlog has the following at its tail:
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.806595       ['/usr/sbin/tap-ctl', 'list', '-m', '0']
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.824135        = 0
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.825200       tap.activate: Launched
pid=4010, minor=0, state=R)
[3973] 2011-04-15
-> /dev/xen/blktap-2/tapdev0
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.826896       lock: released
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.827179       lock: closed
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.827743       lock: closed
[3973] 2011-04-15 13:44:04.828687       lock: closed
[4022] 2011-04-15 13:44:05.047143       sr_content_type {'sr_uuid':
'17369039-53e9-5c0f-9e27-141a74b1a50d', 'subtask_of':
'OpaqueRef:caeed889-30bc-1c49-b634-820feeecf677', 'args': [],
'host_ref': 'OpaqueRef:e41042ed-25cb-1a7c-cbe9-56a110e2440a',
'session_ref': 'OpaqueRef:97a2a6fd-2ca7-da1c-d540-719b0a393277',
'device_config': {'device': '/dev/hda3', 'SRmaster': 'true'},
'command': 'sr_content_type', 'sr_ref':
[4022] 2011-04-15 13:44:05.047689       lock: closed

This is the state of the log a just few seconds after the command is
run, and there are no more log lines added after this.  The log sits
like this during most of the command's run, and even after the command
finishes with an error.

The relevant objects:

VM (dom0):
[root@localhost ~]# xe vm-list
uuid ( RO)           : dd6681cb-f886-4847-b267-a24f555e14ee
     name-label ( RW): Control domain on host: xcp
    power-state ( RO): running

[root@localhost ~]# xe vbd-list params=all
uuid ( RO)                        : 66b1f602-fe0b-f4f7-ba41-47c7f7e01dea
                     vm-uuid ( RO): dd6681cb-f886-4847-b267-a24f555e14ee
               vm-name-label ( RO): Control domain on host: xcp
                    vdi-uuid ( RO): 2463c214-05a9-49d4-8cba-b60ceb6b16db
              vdi-name-label ( RO): testvdi
          allowed-operations (SRO): pause; unpause; plug; attach
          current-operations (SRO):
                       empty ( RO): false
                      device ( RO): xvdb
                  userdevice ( RW): xvdb
                    bootable ( RW): false
                        mode ( RW): RW
                        type ( RW): Disk
                 unpluggable ( RW): true
          currently-attached ( RO): false
                  attachable ( RO): <expensive field>
                storage-lock ( RO): false
                 status-code ( RO): 0
               status-detail ( RO):
          qos_algorithm_type ( RW):
        qos_algorithm_params (MRW):
    qos_supported_algorithms (SRO):
                other-config (MRW):
                 io_read_kbs ( RO): <expensive field>
                io_write_kbs ( RO): <expensive field>

[root@localhost ~]# xe vdi-list
uuid=2463c214-05a9-49d4-8cba-b60ceb6b16db params=all
uuid ( RO)                    : 2463c214-05a9-49d4-8cba-b60ceb6b16db
              name-label ( RW): testvdi
        name-description ( RW):
           is-a-snapshot ( RO): false
             snapshot-of ( RO): <not in database>
               snapshots ( RO):
           snapshot-time ( RO): 19700101T00:00:00Z
      allowed-operations (SRO): resize_online; update; resize;
destroy; clone; copy; snapshot
      current-operations (SRO):
                 sr-uuid ( RO): 17369039-53e9-5c0f-9e27-141a74b1a50d
           sr-name-label ( RO): Local File SR
               vbd-uuids (SRO): 66b1f602-fe0b-f4f7-ba41-47c7f7e01dea
         crashdump-uuids (SRO):
            virtual-size ( RO): 1073741824
    physical-utilisation ( RO): 5120
                location ( RO): 2463c214-05a9-49d4-8cba-b60ceb6b16db
                    type ( RO): User
                sharable ( RO): false
               read-only ( RO): false
            storage-lock ( RO): false
                 managed ( RO): true
                  parent ( RO): <not in database>
                 missing ( RO): false
            other-config (MRW):
           xenstore-data (MRO): scsi/0x12/0x83:
scsi/0x12/0x80: AIAAEjI0NjNjMjE0LTA1YTktNDkgIA==; vdi-uuid:
2463c214-05a9-49d4-8cba-b60ceb6b16db; storage-type: ext
               sm-config (MRO):
host_OpaqueRef:e41042ed-25cb-1a7c-cbe9-56a110e2440a: RW
                 on-boot ( RW): persist
           allow-caching ( RW): false
                    tags (SRW):

[root@localhost ~]# xe sr-list
uuid=17369039-53e9-5c0f-9e27-141a74b1a50d params=all
uuid ( RO)                    : 17369039-53e9-5c0f-9e27-141a74b1a50d
              name-label ( RW): Local File SR
        name-description ( RW):
                    host ( RO): xcp
      allowed-operations (SRO): forget; VDI.create; VDI.snapshot;
plug; update; destroy; VDI.destroy; scan; VDI.clone; VDI.resize;
      current-operations (SRO):
                    VDIs (SRO): 2463c214-05a9-49d4-8cba-b60ceb6b16db
                    PBDs (SRO): d01bc58b-ad8d-3986-b5ba-7a75cad0d89e
      virtual-allocation ( RO): 1073741824
    physical-utilisation ( RO): 196935680
           physical-size ( RO): 97221701632
                    type ( RO): ext
            content-type ( RO): local SR
                  shared ( RW): false
            other-config (MRW):
               sm-config (MRO): devserial:
                   blobs ( RO):
     local-cache-enabled ( RO): false
                    tags (SRW):

[root@localhost ~]# xe pbd-list
uuid=d01bc58b-ad8d-3986-b5ba-7a75cad0d89e params=all
uuid ( RO)                  : d01bc58b-ad8d-3986-b5ba-7a75cad0d89e
     host ( RO) [DEPRECATED]: 8f1f205a-d352-48cf-afa1-7f2fe1f0f7cf
             host-uuid ( RO): 8f1f205a-d352-48cf-afa1-7f2fe1f0f7cf
               sr-uuid ( RO): 17369039-53e9-5c0f-9e27-141a74b1a50d
         device-config (MRO): device: /dev/hda3
    currently-attached ( RO): true
          other-config (MRW):

    4010    0    0        vhd

MOUNTED FS in dom0:
[root@localhost ~]# mount
/dev/hda1 on / type ext3 (rw)
none on /proc type proc (rw)
none on /sys type sysfs (rw)
none on /dev/pts type devpts (rw)
none on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)
none on /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc type binfmt_misc (rw)
on /var/run/sr-mount/17369039-53e9-5c0f-9e27-141a74b1a50d type ext3

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