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[Xen-users] XCP with 64-bit dom0?

Hi all,

For the last couple weeks or so, I've been pounding away at building a
version of the XCP host tools to run on a 64-bit dom0 (not just a
64-bit kernel, but a full 64-bit tool stack).  I'm starting with the
basic build setup of Centos 5.5 with arch x86_64.  Naturally, I'm
rebuilding a large number of RPM packages from source, and I'm running
into package hell as I try to track down proper 64-bit source versions
of packages, fix build and compile issues, and get up to the point of
being able to build the xapi-libs and xapi packages.

Has anybody else attempted this?  I can't find anything about XCP with
a 64-bit dom0 environment being available for download.  It seems like
the kind of thing somebody would have tried to get going before.

Anybody have advice, help, or thoughts to offer?


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