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[Xen-devel] Simple xen devel project: try out new compression algorithm (with tmem)

If any new Xen developers are interested in a simple project
to learn Xen development (and also Xen Transcendent Memory),
it would be interesting to test this in Xen.  AFAIK, the only
extensive use of compression is with Transcendent Memory ("tmem"),
so learning about tmem would be a useful side-effect.



From: Zeev Tarantov <zeev.tarantov at gmail.com>

Google's Snappy data compression library is a faster alternative to LZO,
optimized for x86-64. On compressible input it compresses ~2.5x faster than LZO
and decompresses ~1.5-2x faster than LZO. On incompressible input, it skips the
input at 100x faster than LZO and decompresses ~4x faster than LZO.
It is released under BSD license.
This is a kernel port from user space C++ code.
The current intended use is with zram (see next patch in series).

Signed-off-by: Zeev Tarantov <zeev.tarantov at gmail.com>

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