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Re: [Xen-users] Shared Storage

Why not create one iscsi lun per vm disk instead of carving them up on the 
hypervisor?  That's more typical, and a more typical state of affairs in linux 
is your friend.  Also, you would have just one lun queue if you exported one 
big PV, instead of one lun queue per vbd. That becomes a problem at scale.

- Jonathan

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Subject: [Xen-users] Shared Storage

Hi Everyone,

I am consider such a setup where I export an iSCSI target to a Xen node. 
This Xen node will then use the iSCSI block device as an LVM PV, and 
create lots of LVs for DomU use.

I was wondering if anyone could make me aware of any special 
consideration I would need to take. I've posted a similar question to 
the LVM list to ask for further tips more specific to LVM.

Am I barking down the wrong path here? I know it would be very easy to 
just an NFS server and use image files, but this will be for a large 
scale DomU hosting so this isn't really an option. Additionally, if I 
wanted to make the LVM VG visible to multiple Xen nodes, is it just a 
matter of running CLVM on each Xen node? Please keep in mind that only 
one Xen node will be using an LV at any one time (so no need for GFS, I 

Any help or tips would be appreciated


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