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Re: [Xen-users] Trouble with manual bridging on Xen3/CentOS 5

On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 5:08 AM, Digimer <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  While trying to sort out/test some patches, I was told that it's best
> to create bridges manually in
> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-xenbr*. I did this, commented out
> (network-script network-bridge) and restarted the network and Xen.

Did you restart the dom0?

> # virt-install --connect xen --name vm0002_pppoe --ram 2048 --arch
> x86_64 --vcpus 1 --cpuset 1-7 --location
> --os-type linux --os-variant rhel5.4 --disk
> path=/dev/drbd_x4_vg0/vm0002_1 --network bridge=xenbr0 --network
> bridge=xenbr2 --vnc --paravirt --debug

Do you have xenbr0 and xenbr2 bridge?

> Fri, 29 Apr 2011 17:32:12 DEBUG    Requesting libvirt URI xen
> Fri, 29 Apr 2011 17:32:12 ERROR    unable to connect to
> 'localhost:8000': Connection refused

The message should be clear. Is xend running? Is it listening on port
8000 (try "netstat -anp")?

>  Thinking that I still needed to use '(network-script network-bridge)',
> so I put it back (actually, a modified version I will link below). When
> I start xend after putting it back, I got such an incredible flood that
> all network communications were lost on the network. Obviously, I'm
> reluctant to randomly try things now.

Duh :P

That's part of the reason why I asked "did you restart the dom0".
"service network restart" does not necessarily do what you think it
should do (for example, it determines what interface to take up/down
based on config file, not what interface is actually up).

>  So, if I manually build the bridges, how am I supposed to configure
> Xen to use them?

I simply modify Xen config file (/etc/xen/*) to use the bridge I
created (on vif line).


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