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[Xen-users] HVM + 2.4.27 guest + interrupt question

Hi All,

I have had success running Debian (recent squeeze 2.6.32-5 kernel )and Win7 inside HVM. I managed to image and import and run an old slackware image (with a 2.4.27 kernel). The image boots, however I notice that when the guest system is under reasonable (but not excessive) load the pings skyrocket... sometimes as high as 13-20 seconds (and the occasional dropped packet). I am suspecting that the interrupts from the network interface are not being received in good time within the HVM. Ping times are steady under guests with newer kernels (regardless of load). I have tried multiple different nic drivers - all to the same outcome.

Host system is running a debian squeeze system with a updated 2.3.32-38 xen (obviously) kernel with 16GB RAM. It is an AMD64+ processor. Happy to add more information. I am guessing I am not the first person to see this, so would appreciate any pointers.


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