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[Xen-users] XenServer 5.6 FP1 - CPU utilization using sar

Hi all,

Using XenServer with a RHEL6 beta VM, I  have sar installed on the hypervisor and VM.

If I do a 'md5sum < /dev/urandom' to spike CPU usage on the VM, I see the indication
on the XenCenter performance graph on CPU 0. It does increase quickly.

Neither sar output gives any sort of indication that the CPU is being loaded. This VM is
pinned to both processor 0 and 1 using VCPUs-params:mask=0,1

sar -P 0 -P 1 -u 2 100 shows %user, %system, etc approximatly 0.00

Can anyone provide me a hint at what I might be overlooking. Maybe the VCPU does not
directly correlate to the physical  processor?

There appears to be coorelation between the DOMU when I list VCPUs-params.


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